Selected Creative Productions

Taktsang I, in the manner of Malcolm Morley.
1983, Acrylic on Linen, 37"x26."
Collection of HRH Ashi Sonam Wangchuk, Thimphu Bhutan.

Tashicho Dzong.
1984, Watercolor on paper, 8" x 14".

Twin Brothers Mountain.
1985, Ink and color on Silk, 18"x40."
Collection of Dr Robert and Mrs. Ardythe Morrow, Galveston, Texas.

Taktsang II, in the manner of Tao-Chi and Carlos Santana.
1985, Acrylic on Silk, 14"x7."
Collection of B. Rao, New Delhi, India.

Taktsang III, in the manner of T'ang Yin and Duane Allman.
1988, Acrylic on Silk, 57"x33".

1989, Acrylic on Silk, 40"x74".

Parsee Falls, Dorji Rises.
1992. CAM(Conceptual-Action-Manifestation), Indianapolis, IN;
temporal, but the tatoos remain.

1992-93, Video Installation, Herron School of Art Gallery, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN.

The Larger Glass; Entering the Citadel of the Rainbow Dragon.
1993 - present. Ongoing CAM.

Dimensional Tsechu.
1995, Video Installation, Herron School of Art Gallery, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN.

art issues, 1st edition.
1996. Website.

1996. Manifesto

art issues, 2nd edition.
1998. Website.

Taktsang Memorial.
1998. Multimedia Installation, Mad Magda's Russian Tea Room, San Francisco, CA.

Being Just Being.
1999. CAM, District Court, San Francisco, CA.

In the Image of Gods at Age 50.
1999. Photographic series.

Crystal Linga, 1999. Digital image.

Skin Deep. 2000. Digital image series.

Ecco Homo Rat Grows Dragon Hair.
2000-2001. CAM, San Francisco and Guerneville, CA.

2001. Digital image.

2003. meditation installation

2004. meditation installation.